How May I Virtually Assist You?

Person Holding Hire Me Sign in CrowdIn the worlds of small business and education, my life mission is to teach and work with achievers and to achieve with them.

I thrived in sales and management, started a business, hired and trained employees, developed, documented and supported software and know how to respond, communicate, encourage, organize, criticize and accept criticism. I ask questions to qualify answers, set and follow agendas, oversee or actively participate in meetings, hire, train and manage employees, teach students and interact comfortably, fluently and frequently with parents. I write business and educational contracts, handbooks and grants. I manage multiple domains, weblogs and social media accounts for myself and others, am fluent in PC and Mac environments utilizing programs and services including Office, contact management, email marketing, blogging, website design, Skype, music software and several iPad apps. I am Indiana licensed for K-12 Music with experience in grades 6-12 and at the college level. I play in a community band and in several university ensembles. I have performed in faculty recitals and maintain a private studio of clarinet and saxophone students. Within both the corporate and education world, from being on the top and the bottom, I understand, respect and work well within a chain of command.

As a teacher, I grew a marching band from 39-93 in 4 yrs, with 20% of the student body in a program that ranked 4th in state. As a business owner, I designed what became industry-standard software used nationwide. As Adjunct Music Faculty, I recruited and managed the largest of the wind instrument studios. In current high school, I helped increase band from 82 to 105 and attainment of first regional gold rating in a decade, initiated two new performance ensembles, digitized pep band books for use on student iPads, and increased communication via weblogs and social media.



Thanks for reading,

John Gardner

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