Discount Cards

What Are Discount Cards?

Super Discount Cards are the same size and thickness as a typical credit card. Unlike some discount promotions that give the customer a one-time use coupon book that they normally leave at home, or a label to peel off the card, or a hole to punch in a card, our Super Discount Card offers continuous savings from area vendors for up to a year. Include popular vendors close to the high school and you will not only have a card to sell to adults, but students as well.

By retailing the card at the low price of $5 (some sell theirs for as high as $10), it is really easy for the customer to justify the savings. For example, if one vendor on the card offers $3 off an oil change and you change the oil in your car twice a year –the savings from that one vendor have more than offset the price of the card.

Contacting Vendors

If you want to solicit the ads for the card for your group, you can turn that into a profit center. You can charge vendors to be on the card. And you can charge the group more for the cards. Some companies that solicit the ads sell the cards to the group for $5. If you do that with our cards, you can make a really high amount per card placed.

What to say to the group if you want them to solicit their ads from their own vendors:

Unlike some companies, who want to charge you twice our price to come in and solicit the ads for you, we want to give the group maximum profit. For that reason, plus the fact that the local groups know where everyone in town goes for oil changes, flowers, and pizza, we price our card to more than make it worth your while to contact local vendors.

Here is another reason we like to see you recruit your vendors . . . most of them will stay with you from year to year because this is a good deal for them too. That means that most of your setup work is done the first year. Next year, you call the vendors on the card and ask if they want to change their ad for the following year. Some communities actually form waiting lists of vendors to get on the card.

We provide you with a Merchant Release Form to use to gather information from your vendors and a Group Info Form so we know colors, quantities, and expiration date.

How long does it take?

The following will give you an idea of the general time frame involved. In general, allow yourself about a month from the time you start until the time you want the cards in your hand.

  • Allow 1-2 weeks to collect the ads and get them to us.
  • It will take about a week to design the card and fax you a proof.
  • Once you sign off on the proof, we can print and ship the cards in less than a week.


STANDARD PRICING: All prices are based on surface screen printing.

QUANTITY PRICING: In-between quantities will be priced at the less quantity price until the next higher bracket is reached, unless custom quoted.

PROOFS: Proof via email at no additional charge. Proofs sent any other way at customer’s expense.

OVERRUNS/UNDERRUNS: Every effort is made to ship exact quantity, however, orders are subject to a 10% overrun or underrun with invoices adjusted accordingly. For guaranteed exact quantity, add 25% to price.

LOGOS: Printer has a wide variety of commonly used logos (McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, etc.) If the advertiser cannot supply a camera-ready logo, call to find out if we have it available.

PRODUCTION TIME: 3-5 days for proof. Cards shipped 5-7 days from proof approval.

PATENTS OR COPYRIGHT: When orders are manufactured to customer’s specifications, the purchaser agrees to assume any liability resulting from actions or demands brought against us for patent and copyright infringements.

CANCELLATIONS: Orders in progress will be charged for material and labor incurred.

RETURNS: There are no returns.

SAMPLES: Sample cards at $.75 plus $5.00 shipping.

PAPERWORK: Group Info Form – 1 per group. Merchant Release Form – 1 per advertiser. Originals supplied at no charge. Distributor can make copies as needed. Distributor must sign off on proof prior to printing. QDP and printer will not be responsible for errors undetected in approved proof.

ADDITIONAL LABOR: QDP will ensure your paperwork is ready for the printer. If extraordinary time is needed to clarify ads or reorganize paperwork, QDP will charge for time spent at $30/hr.

RIGHT TO PROMOTION: We reserve the right to use all products in our advertising and displays unless otherwise specified in writing at the time of order.

FREIGHT: FOB printer or QDP. Free freight on pre-paid orders.

TERMS: Printer requires 50% deposit and balance on delivery. Visa/MasterCard/Discover accepted. Avoid COD and UPS charges by charging entire order to credit card in advance.


Group Information and Merchant Release Forms

If you are ready to send us your information, click below for the Group Information and the Merchant Release Forms.  You will need Acrobat Reader to view the forms.

Merchant Release

Group Info

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