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Quantified Data Products began in 1984 as a partnership between two deacons in a local church to provide work for several people in the church who were needing work. John Gardner was a Selling District Manager for a national fundraising manufacturing company based in Princeton, Indiana. Not satisfied with the way his employer company was generating paperwork for his groups, John asked Max Garwood if it could be done differently . . . and a partnership was begun.

Soon, many of the company reps were paying to get their tallies processed by Quantified Data Products instead of by their company at no charge.

Eventually, John left the national fundraising company and Quantified Data Products became QDP Corporation.

Operating a local fundraising distributorship under the name PRIORITY Fund Raising, the first tallies were processed in a room in the Gardner home and the first truck blocked traffic in the street to unload product into the garage for pre-pack.

At the same time, construction was under way for QDP’s warehouse. The plan was to construct a temporary facility on Max’s property (GM was coming to town and real estate at that time was insane) and move later. Instead, we have modified and expanded our facility to our comfort zone and will probably stay where we are.

Why QDP?

The main thing that makes us different from every competitor is the wide variety of experience that we have.

  • John & Joan Gardner were and still are both teachers with nearly a decade of teaching experience overlapping 30 years of fundraising. We understand the mechanics of what needs to happen inside the school to make your program educationally friendly. We use the programs we develop and we can translate computer-eze into fundraising speak.
  • Max Garwood is a Computer Programmer, an Electrical Engineer and Patent Attorney. Max was our original Ultra programmer and knows how to make our equipment work. And then, he does, well, whatever lawyers do. The wall in his office has an impressive display of diplomas, citations and qualifications.

John Gardner is a former Band Director who went into fundraising after four years of raising money as a band director. He spent six years in sales and sales management with Princeton Industries, an Indiana manufacturing company with national fundraising coverage. John has been at the helm of QDP since its incorporation in 1985. He is also Adjunct Faculty at Huntington University where he teaches Applied Clarinet and Saxophone and plays in several of the ensembles there. And in 2005, he accepted a part-time position as one of the band directors at the local high school.

John has been a church deacon, past President of the local high school Band Parents, past President of the Huntington Camp of The Gideons. In Spring of 2001, he led the local show choir’s backup band, winning three “Best Band” awards in competition. John has also volunteered as a Big Brother, has been involved with the AFRDS Technology and Membership Committees. John has experience selecting products and designing product brochures from some pretty creative perspectives. He communicates regularly via blogs, email marketing, web sites and direct mail.

Joan Gardner has been the office manager at QDP since the day it opened, responsible for everything from invoicing and paying invoices, to tallying orders, to packing…..a little bit of it all. And because she uses our software, she is proficient in offering first level tech support to our users. Joan has a Master’s Degree in Education. She has taught in both public and private schools and is the Choir Director for our church.

Max Garwood holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence (he’s an attorney). He retired from the Defense Logistics Agency of the Department of Defense to open his own law practice in Huntington. He currently works also as a patent attorney for an area firm. Max is a deacon at Huntington Baptist Church and a member of The Gideons.